Monday, March 22, 2010

Perfect Day

Cheery chime of the alarm,

I squint at my phone, realize I have overslept,

Savagely pull at the covers, tumble and slide out of bed,

Nothing will rid the early morning blues, not even a cheery tune.

Drive to the train station is taking too long,

I can make the turn before the light turns red. , I surge forward,

Now stuck in the middle of the road, I am bad at reversing,

Traffic goes around me; horns blaring are a rude awakening.

Reach into the bag for the train pass,

Realize I didn’t take it from the bag I toted yesterday,

Pay the extra and settle in,

Man sits next to me; he hasn’t taken a shower in days.

Hurry to the office, dropping some coins in the tin,

The huddled figure mumbles something,

Was it a man or a woman? , and I step into a puddle on the road,

It rained yesterday; at least the sun is out and will stay that way rest of the week.

The woman finds many faults with my work,

Return to my desk, I try to redo it; she is incapable of any appreciation.

Dash to the cafeteria after lunch to get my vanilla tapioca pudding,

The glutton, who sits next to me, grabs the last one.

I look at my watch, and decide its 5 already,

Jostle through the crowd, reach the train station,

My train came in early; I scour the compartments,

Placing myself near the doors, I glance at other people who didn’t find seats.

Reach my station, I get off, walk to my car,

Parking lot was full this morning. , that’s why I parked further out,

Stout drops of water pelt me; I look up to see the nearly black sky,

Dripping wet on the leather, I turn the key, “Perfect Day” comes on and I switch off the radio.